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Repair broken and old grout


Grout restoration can transform your tiles, giving your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor area a makeover, without the need to invest in brand new tiles. Stop trying to learn how to repair grout yourself and call in the professionals – the Grout King team are experts in tile and grout restoration, and will restore any cracked or damaged grout throughout your home or commercial space. Book our Dubai-based grout restoration service today.

Expert Tile and Grout Restoration

grout restoration

Grout Restoration

Old, discolored, or cracked grout can be given a new lease of life with high-quality grout restoration. Grout King will clean, repair, and restore grout lines to leave them looking as good as new – and lasting you for a long time to come.

grout repair

Grout Repair

We know how to repair grout properly. Believe us, we know that Dubai tiling isn’t always the best, so we’re used to coming in to remove grout that hasn’t held before repairing or replacing it. Your grout is in safe hands with Grout King.

tile restoration

Tile Restoration

We’ll clean and restore your tiles if needed too – we’re not going to leave you with good-as-new grout and dirty or cracked tiles. Our tile and grout restoration team do it all, and they do it all thoroughly.

Choose GROUT KING For Dubai Grout Restoration

Personal Customer Service

Every job is different, every customers’ needs are different, and we tailor our customer service to suit. Whatever your grout restoration or repair needs, we’ll make the whole process seamless for you. Get in touch to find out more.

Expert Grout Restoration Methods

Our grout restoration pros use only the best methods to give your grout the facelift it needs. Our team is meticulous – if the job turns out to be bigger than expected, we won’t rest until every inch of your grout is beautifully repaired.

we don't cut corners

We Don’t Cut Corners

We don’t cut corners, but we do restore them. Book a consultation today to find out more, or check out our Grout King reviews to see how we’ve helped other customers across Dubai and the UAE inject new life into their surroundings.

Transform Tiles with Grout Restoration

Bathroom Grout Repair

Bathroom Grout Repair

Bathroom tiles go through a lot; daily showers, kids’ bathtimes, a lot of footfall. Consider splashing out on (see what we did there?) bathroom grout repair to give your en-suite or family bathroom a refresh.

Indoor Grout Repair

Indoor Grout Repair

We spend a lot of time indoors In the desert heat – our home is our refuge – so make sure yours looks immaculate and treat it to professional grout restoration that you can enjoy day after day.

Outdoor Grout Repair

Outdoor Grout Repair

Get your outdoor space or pool ready for when it’s needed most by investing in outdoor grout repair. No one wants to swim up to a pool edge and be greeted by chipped grout – live your best aesthetic life and get your grout fixed.

What Our Customers Say About Our Grouting Services

Grout Restoration FAQs

How do I know if I need grout restoration?

If the grout between your tiles is badly stained or chipped in places, you may benefit from grout repair or restoration. In some cases, we might recommend grout cleaning or regrouting instead – book a consultation and we’ll see which of our services would be best for you. 

How is grout restored?

There are 3 key steps to our grout restoration process. We’ll start by removing your old grout, add new grout, and clean your tiles too. Every job is different, so book a consultation and we’ll let you know our recommendations.

How much does grout restoration cost?

Each job is different. Our grout restoration costs vary from job to job. This depends on the quality of the grout you currently have, the size of the tile and the type of restoration work that is required. We’ll give you a quote for your specific job when you call Grout King to book your consultation.

How long does grout restoration typically take?

Grout restoration can take from 4 hours for a small job to 6 days for a bigger job – there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as it depends on the size of the area that’s being restored. As part of your consultation, we’ll give you an idea of how long your specific grout restoration job is likely to take.

How do I maintain grout following restoration?

Once your grout has been restored and repaired, you’ll need to leave the new grout to dry fully before you walk on it or touch it. Then, we recommend that you clean in between your tiles regularly to keep it in good condition. Grout deep cleaning should be carried out 1-2 times a year. Find out more about our tile and grout cleaning service.

Can you also help with grout cleaning?

Yes! If your grout isn’t damaged or discolored and simply needs a good clean, Grout King offers a meticulous tile and grout cleaning service too. And if it’s brand new tiles you need, check out our sister company Tile King

If you have any questions about our Dubai grout repair or grout restoration services, please just give us a call!

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