Rising Damp Treatment Dubai

It’s time to stop damp rising for good


Rising Damp Treatment Dubai

Rising damp treatment is one of those things none of us want to be constantly dealing with, especially when you live in the desert. When you find yourself in need of rising damp proofing, you can be sure of a smooth, hassle-free, thorough, long-lasting treatment when you choose Damp King. We know how to stop damp permanently, so you can enjoy your property without the risk of damp, mould, or any of the associated damage.

Rising Damp Treatment

Rising Damp in Your Walls?

Rising damp in walls is trouble. Sometimes, it looks like your plaster or paint is bubbling, it could leave tide-like marks, or it might even leave your skirting boards warped or covered in powder. If left untreated, it can lead to mould, a bad smell, and long-lasting damage. Book a free consultation as soon as you suspect a problem.

Prioritise Prevention

Rising damp proofing will stop it becoming a problem in the first place, and it will stop the damp coming back. Rising damp proofing carried out by a pro is the only way to stop the dreaded damp from becoming the bane of your life.

Treat Rising Damp

When you book rising damp treatment from Damp King, we’ll inject damp proofing materials into your walls, stopping that creeping dampness from taking hold again. Once it’s treated, we can help you repair the damage it’s caused too, leaving everything spick and span.

Rising Damp Proofing

Know How to Stop Damp

Knowledge is power and the only way to defeat damp for good. Lucky for you, our rising damp proofing pros are incredibly knowledgeable and highly experienced, so you can trust us to get on with the job without having to upgrade your own DIY knowledge. Save yourself time and invest in work that’ll last when you choose Damp King.

Rising Damp Proofing

Stop rising damp and future-proof your home or commercial property against repeat occurrences with rising damp proofing from Damp King. Take a weight off your mind and sleep sounder at night knowing you’re not going to wake up to ruined walls.

Damp Proof Course

Our experts can inject a damp proof course into your property’s walls. This solution is drilled into your walls from the ground up, creating a water-repellent barrier against future damp. It’s one of the best investments you can make for your home or business.

Banishing Damp All Over Dubai

Damp in the Desert

The desert might be dry, but what lies beneath the surface? Water! It’s hard to imagine, but Dubai is full of groundwater. Humidity and garden beds can raise the risk too. The threat of damp is never too far away, even in the desert.

Serving the UAE

From Dubai to Abu Dhabi and from Sharjah to the rest of the UAE, you can book rising damp proofing or a rising damp treatment wherever in the emirates you’re based. We’re on a mission to dry out the desert for good, one property at a time.

Dubai’s Rising Damp Treatment Experts

There are some real cowboys out there in the world of rising damp proofing. Don’t entertain anything less than a job well done and choose Damp King for guaranteed quality, long-lasting results, and seamless customer service. Contact us to book a consultation and get a quote today.

What Our Customers Say

Rising Damp Treatment FAQs

Where does rising damp come from?

As the name suggests, rising damp comes from low down and rises, creeping its way up. Rising damp causes in Dubai can include the groundwater, extreme humidity, and spillovers from garden beds. But sometimes, it’s simply down to shoddy workmanship. Investing in rising damp proofing for your property means you won’t have to worry about this, and can enjoy peace of mind that your walls aren’t about to be ruined beyond repair.

What are the risks of rising damp?

The risks of rising damp can include bubbling or blistering plaster or wallpaper, unsightly tide marks on your walls, and your skirting boards being coated with a white powder. If left untreated, rising damp can also lead to sodden, mouldy walls that can smell unpleasant and potentially even lead to health issues. In some cases, rising damp has been linked to the onset of respiratory illnesses, showing just how crucial rising damp proofing and rising damp treatment can be.

How long does rising damp proofing take?

A rising damp proofing course typically takes between 1 and 6 days, depending on the size of your property and the number of walls that require treatment. When you book a Damp King consultation, we’ll provide you with an estimate for how long your job is likely to take, depending on your individual requirements. 

Got a question about rising damp proofing or our damp treatments? Don’t hesitate to give us a shout!

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